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FonnaflyGib offers the newest and probably the best attraction in Gibraltar. Especially  if you are staying for the day only.  From the helicopter you  just simply see the Rock from the air. However, but also see many of the actual sightseeing attractions from a distance. An efficient way to  start a visit in Gibraltar.  Later you may then explore  in detail on ground after landing .  Check our Add-Ons  with a selection of combination packages.

Gibraltar Airport

The FonnaflyGib tour Gibraltar Rock flights departs from the airport main terminal .  First Hovering towards the eastern part of the runway. Then   you get a good view of the steepest side of the rock on the right side The Spanish city of La Linea on the other side.  You will clearly see the tunnel openings in the wall . This is where cannons defended the Rock during the great siege. The runway itself is built with masses taken from inside the Rock.

Reclaimed land on east side of the Rock

When airborne the helicopter makes a right turn and the first interesting view. The works along the shoreline.  This is part of a land reclamation project.  The objective is to exploit the territorial rights of Gibraltar to useful land.

Catalan Bay

Next is the village of Catalan Bay.  Its  characteristic with multi color houses with Italian names.  Populated by Italian fishermen from Genova in  the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  The Genoese language was widely spoken  at the time.

The Dunes and the old Water Catchment area

Above the Catalan bay you will catch a view of the original water catchment construction. This provided Gibraltar with freshwater for a very long time.  Its an  engineering masterpiece. Chutes ,  tunnels  and deposits inside the Rock.  Visible best from a helicopter. The characteristic slope is made of  a very old sand dune. Dated thousands of years ago. Originally from the savanna land below. Then  the sea was considerably  lower.

Off Port Limits

Following the shoreline you cannot miss all the ships anchored at the Off Port .  The area is used for delivery of bunker.  Provisions  and supplies by launch vessels from Gibraltar Port.

Gorhams cave

Next attraction coming up are the highly visible entries to the  Gorhams Cave.  A UNESCO World Heritage site. The  only one in Gibraltar. First inhabited about 55.000 years ago.  The last known habitat of the Neanderthals.

Europa Point

In the next moment the helicopter is passing Europa Point. You also see Trinity Light house.  The only lighthouse operated by Trinity House outside England.  On the same plateau you find the new university of Gibraltar. A sports arena under construction and   the mosque. This is  financed by King Fahd of Saudi Arabia .

The Strait of Gibraltar

At this point of the flight the view of  The Strait is unfolding.    You may clearly see Africa.  The Spanish city of Ceuta and the mountains behind as well.  Together this forms the Pillars of Hercules. This is  known from ancient greec history.  The guardians to the Mediterranean. You will see two continents.. They are three countries and two world oceans at the same time .( weather dependent ).  At this point you can detect shoals  of dolphins. Even whales during certain times of the year.

The Port and , Town and Ocean Village

Turning northbound you will  notice a water fall coming out of a hole in the rock. High above sea  level. This is result of waste water from desalination. Where salt water is  turned into drinking water.  Proceeding on the west side of the Rock you will see Algeciras city. The  Bay to the left and the populated area of Gibraltar on the right hand side.

Camp Bay

The public beach Camp Bay appears.   Camp bay is a rocky beach within the Southern Waters of Gibraltar. It is a Special Area of Conservation. An EU protected marine reserve. Very popular by local  bathers. The beach is also very popular diving and snorkeling area. Its the  home to one of Europe’s first artificial reefs.

Gibraltar Town

Proceeding northbound the  town appears behind the Gibraltar  Port.  From the helicopter you will notice a strange zigzag  construction. It i s running from just above the town and all the way up to the top of the Rock.  This is a defense wall built in 1540.  Meant  to protect Gibraltar from attacking Barbary Pirates .

Gibraltar Land Reclamation

We are finally passing the cruise port terminals. It is a very good view where “Old” and “New” Gibraltar meet.  The difference is noticeable. Moorish castle and the old defense bastions  encompasses the old city.  The newer developments are very noticeable. Expanding outwards in the Algeciras Bay.  The reclamation areas are land reclaimed from the sea.  All within Gibraltar territorial waters.

Gibraltar Tour change of direction

The helicopter changes the direction. Passengers sitting in the left part of the helicopter now has the best view of the Rock
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