Freight Forwarding  By Helicopter

Freight Forwarding by Helicopter from Gibraltar  intl. airport is the ultimate solution when  emergency deliveries are needed.   The service is offered by Redwood International  Ltd. – The leading Freight forwarding and Logistic firm in Gibraltar.  Delivery by helicopter to ships and vessels is a compliment to the already advanced  and well organized logistic system by Redwood intl Ltd,  developed over many years.  This new service from Gibraltar Intl. Airport fits naturally into the  other first class services offerd by  the established comunity of Gibraltar shipping agents companies.

Price List

Price for Freight Forwarding by helicopter is based on the number of loads. Furthermore,  the location of delivery.  There are two options.  Either at the Gibraltar Off Port Limits just south east of Europa Point, or in the Shpping lane to ships on the way.  Freight Forwarding by helicopter does not  require the ship to stop during the delivery.

Cargo Freight Forwarding by Helicopter Gibraltar

 Off Port LimitsOn route in shipping laneSlings and BigBigsAfter 15:30
weekdays or
any weekend
bank holiday :
One Flight 750 £1.400 £Included80£
Two Flights1.400 £ 2.400 £Included160£
Per Flight for three or more 650 £1.100 £Included70£

How is Freight Forwarding by Helicopter accomplished ?

Redwood Intl Ltd is the key handler and administrator of  the service untill received by the helicopter crew.  Paperwork and liasoning with border control and customs administration is in  expert hands.  Airport administrative handling and customs clearence as well.

Before take off
When the Cargo is handed over to the helicopter operator, the pilot and his assistant checks the items and makes sure it is prepared for helicopter sling load.  Keep in mind that the air pressure on the cargo  in a speed of 50kt is significant so a secured preparation is very important.

Lift Off
When items are  ready, the cargo hook  is connected to the load in a 15m long wire with remote release button from the cockpit.  The Helicopter starts up  and lifts off while the pilot has the load in sight through a window in the floor of the helicopter or by external mirrors dependin gonm helicopter type.   Slowly lifting up, and when the load is off the ground the helicopter sets  course  eastbound from the airport and towards the  ship for delivery.

While approaching the ship the pilot communicates  by maritime VHF to prepare for delivery at designated point.  Cargo is lowered and while ship crew receives the load.  Pilot relases the cargo hook by remote control when safely placed on deck.

Pilot releases the cargo hook

Gibraltar helicopter freight and cargo by helicopter

When the cargo is  received by ship crew

What are the limitations on Cargo  Freight Forwarding by Helicopter to Ships ?

Helicopter is one of the most versatile inventions for transport. However within certain limits of operation.    Among those are dimentions, weight and weather conditions.  If by any reason helicopter suffers from any mechanical problem and same cannot fly, Redwood Intl. will provide as much notice as possible and if needed a launch service can always be arranged as an option for you.

Freight Forwarding  of cargo by Helicopter – Practical Information

Maximum weight per load  is  750kg

  • In Cargo net
  • On Pallets
  • In Big-bags 1 x 1  x 1 m   (1m³)

  • Inform agent of designated drop zone on ship
  • Send picture of ship
  • Download our hand signal guide ( in development )
  • Wear eye protecton and helmet with radio headset
  • Check and verify communication radio
  • Inform if extended launch line is requirted (Standard 15m)
Gibraltar Helicopter Cargo Freight Forward cargo net
Gibraltar Helicopter Cargo Freight Forward cargo net . Emergency deliveries to ships in on route in the Strait or at Off Port Limits Rendevouz points - Flight time 10 min - GibHeli +350 5407 9990
Gibraltar helicopter Freight Forward cargo Big Bag
Gibraltar Helicopter Cargo Freight Forward cargo hook - GibHeli +350 5407 9990

Freight Forwarding  of cargo by helicopter – Weather  limitations


  • Strong winds more than 25 kt in
    gusts would be demanding.
  • Laminar steady wind 30 kt is OK.
  • Visibility: More than 1500m horizontal
    visibility is required
  • Clouds: Minimum 800 feet between sea
    level and clouds is required.
  • Fog/Mist: This is a no-fly condition
  • Precipitation: Drizzle OK. Sleet, Snow,
    Graupel, Hail is no-fly condition
  • Vessel to have a clear visibility at least
    to 2/3 of the Rock of Gibraltar.