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Gibraltar Helicopter Tour

” Africa “ 


Leave Europe behind and explore “The Gateway to Africa”  – Tanger.  An important trading post for centuries. Passing the Mount  Moses on the way to Ceuta – a spanish city in Africa.

The Gibraltar – Africa Tour

Taking off from Gibraltar airport we pass the Rock on the east side facing the old water catchment construction. A landmark seen on far distance.   

Climbing to a safe altitude you get a good view of the Algeciras bay and you can see all the way  to the Atlantic ocean. Under way we pass Tarifa and the famous kite surfing beaches. Next we  soon see the  change in water color and  Tanger –  the historical “Gateway to Africa” appears. 

On the way  the fairly new top modern port of Tanger presents itself. 

Helicopter from Gibraltar to Ceuta in Africa

The historical spanish territoriy of Ceuta. Surounded  by a 6m high double barbed wired fence.

From Tanger we set course towards Mount Moses – which together with The Gibraltar Rock form the two pillars of Hercules.  Below the mountain , aslo known as the “Sleeping Lady”, is the city of Ceuta.  This is  Spanish territory in the middle of Morocco.  The 6m high barbed wired double fence is surrounding  this tiny spanish city and more than 1100 spanish guards are required  to protect  Spain in Africa from illegal emigrants.

This part of Africa, from Tanger in the west towards the east is the anceint land of Maghreb – Where the sun sets.   Historically a important islamic  Califat which included a large part of Spain for centuries.

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Helicopter sightseeing to Africa
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Helicopter Sightseeing tour from Gibraltar to Africa. Algeciras Bay, Tarifa, Tanger and Mount Moses. The histiorical Califat of Maghreb which ruled Spain for centuries. View the spanish city of Ceuta in Morocco. Surrounded by 6m high barb wired fence which together with 1100 spanish guards are required to protect the town from illegal immigrants
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