The company started as a sightseeing operator.  Similarly, the Gibraltar operations follows in the same path.   In other  words, history repeats itself

Established in Spain in 1970 – serving tourists and taxi clients

Business idea was to serve the  tourist market. Therefore during the years  World Aviatioin  became  one of Spains’ largest charter/taxi operators.  Tourists all over world fly with them.

The fleet includes 16 helicopter offering services :

  • Industrial helicopter services
  • Governmental contracts
  • Infrastructure development
  • Taxi
  • Sightseeing

Established in Gibraltar in 2021 to serve the tourist market

The location is a new market place with several exciting  opportunities.  Therefore, for the first time in  history there is a licensed helicopter operator  permanently based in Gibraltar.

Helicopter services includes

  • Cargo Flights to ships in the Strait
  • Taxi flights to destination in Spain , Portugal and Morocco
  • Sightseeing flights
  • Photo and film
  • Custom VIP flights

The World Aviation Helicopter Gibraltar Helicopter

A spacious comfortable and modern helicopter. The low noise pattern  is equally important for passengers as for the environment in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Helicopter Service Malaga to Gibarltar

Single engine

Lift power
Flight time

Pilot + 6
230 km/h
3 hours

The Gibraltar Marketplace is very interesting.  There are 120.000 ships passing the Strait every year.  Therefore Gibraltar is an important port  for this industry. Likewize it is a fascinating location for the tourist industry.  More than 11 mill people cross the border per year.  Gibraltar is just 4,5km by 1,5 km. However,  the helicopter makes it possible to see two continents and 2 world oceans in 15 min. After that, you get a wonderful overview  of the Rock from a birds eye. Other major attraction is for instance, the very special form of the Rock. Above all this is a very important factor for bird migration from Africa.

The Rock  is not only a unique necessary vehicle for  migrating birds, but also DESIGNATED AS  SPECIAL PROTECTED AREA by HM Government of Gibraltar.  Hence, Gibraltar has the only wild monkey population in  Europe. And it is increasing. Unlike, the population of their  relatives across the Strait the Atlas Mountains which are decreasing.

The Ministry of Environment is constantly monitoring the impact of helicopter flying around the Rock . For this reason the ministry has a permanent right to join any flight around the rock when a situation demands it for inspection purposes

Service Type
Provider Name
World Avivation Gibraltar,
British Line Road, ,en,Gibraltar, Spain, Morocco, Portugal-GX11 1AA,
Telephone No.GibHeli : +350 5407 9990 7 / +34 951 325 064 / +34 980 95 000
Gibraltar , Morocco . Spain and Portugal
Commercial helicopter operation based on Gibraltar Intl. Airport. Taxi ,Cargo , Sightseeing, VIP Custom flights