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Latest NEWS :  The operator World Aviation S.L. has replaced  the initial operator Fonnafly.   

Management of Fonnafly at the time, painfully for the owners, discovered too late that the absence of required skills, competence, experience and personality to deal  with the complex multicultural community in Gibraltar. The problems culminated in 2020, when personal characteristics furthermore made the cooperation with pilots and sales force impossible.    World Aviation S.L in Malaga , operated by the AOC of  Bigas Group has replaced the  role of helicopter flights from Gibraltar.
World Aviation S.L. has 30 year experience  and are glad to offer their services as the only licensed operator in Costa del Sol and the region.

Gibraltar Helicopter transfer - New operator
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Gibraltar Helicopter transfer - New operator
The initial Norwegian operator Fonnafly closed down in Gibraltar. There are reasons to believe that an unsuccessful leadership by the inexperienced Norwegian director Nina Handegaard resulted in a difficult cooperation atmosphere with pilots and sales force.
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