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Marbella Helicopter Charter

Marbella Helicopter Heliport in Puerto  Banus is illegal. No commercial license .
The Heliport is not approved for single engine helicopter,  private- or club helicopters


Check all legal aspects before you use this heliport or helicopters

Helicopter  charter is available from Marbella.  However not from the Heliport in Puerto Banus which is illegal for commercial traffic   You may hire the helicopter for Airport Transfer and Taxi to destinations in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.   VIP custom route flights of Taxi flights to local destinations.  The EC130B4 helicopter  takes 6 passengers and has good space for baggage  room.  Save time and get to your destination safe and comfortable. Do you have a special helicopter request ? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

VVIP Special requests : Most importantly  because of  more than 40 year of flying VVIP experience, The operator World Aviation knows what it means !

Marbella Helicopter Taxi – Price quote generator

All helicopter flights from Marbella must always have an international Airport with customs and immigration  as first port of call if flying out of Spain. Then the Helicopter can fly you to your final destination or pick up location.  When using the quote calculator first  enter the nearest  intl. airport as  initial transport.

Warning : The helicopter helipad in Marbella is illegal for commercial traffic. Only sanitarian flights allowed

Helicopter transfer from intl. Airports in Spain & Morocco

From Marbella to major cities in southern Spain. In a hurry or a special occasion.   Helicopter transfer to Malaga or Gibraltar intl. airport  is an event by itself.  Charter flights are also  available from cities in Morocco and Portugal .    Check price list below. Or go to booking portal

Calculate price on your Marbella helicopter  Charter

Get a quote on helicopter charter online from Marbella in seconds.  The helicopter flight calculator displays a quote online. You also download and forward it. Keep in mind that all helicopter flights from Marbella must be  to an intl. airport first if flying out of Spain. Then you can continue to the final destination.

Helicopter Charter to other destinations

From Marbella helicopter   to other destinations.  First port of entry must be an intl. airport for customs clearance. Then continue to final destination.  A  landing  site must be approved by the operator before a booking can be confirmed.  Ask for a quote on helicopter charter

Helicopter Charter VIP waiting lounge in Gitbraltar


Comfortable check in  environment  in the VIP Wessex lounge at Gibraltar Intl. Airport.  A taxi flight, Airport Shuttle  or a custom VIP charter, are all taken directly from the  Wessex Lounge to the Helicopter in our own mini bus.  Therefore we believe that flying with World Aviation provides just the little extra. A  proper exclusive atmosphere for either a taxi flights to Morocco  or Spain or any other custom helicopter hire from Gibraltar.



  • Checkin

  • Embark

  • Route

  • Security

  • Disembark

  • Life wests

Gibraltar helicopter vip charter-Marbella-wessex-lounge

Price List Marbella Helicopter

Handling and airport fees depend on number of passengers and which airport. Prices are inclusive iva (vat). For international flights there is no vat and  the route must go via an airport with customs and immigration. 

DestinationPrice £ incl. ivaHandling and
Aiport fees £
6 passengers
GIBRALTAR£ 1.800 Request quote 0:25
Request quote
CADIZ/JEREZ£ 3.600Request quote 0:45
Request quote
SEVILLA£ 4.000Request quote 1:00
Request quote
GRANADA£ 3.000Request quote0:45
Request quote
HUELVA/JEREZ£ 3.000Request quote1:10
Request quote
CORDOBA£ 4.100Request quote1:10
Request quote
ALMERIA£ 4.500Request quote1:15
Request quote
CEUTA£ 2.900Request quote1:15
Request quote
MELILLA£ 8.200Request quote2:30
Request quote
TANGER£ 5.150Request quote1:15
Request quote
CASABLANCA£ 11.800Request quote3:00
Request quote
MARAKESH£ 15.800Request quote4:00
Request quote
FARO£ 6.400Request quote1:40
Request quote
LISBON£ 10.000Request quote2:45
Request quote
FEZ£ 11.800Request quote2:40
Request quote

Price List Helicopter from Marbella

Check our prices for helicopter charter prices to major cities in Spain and Morocco . Prices are incl vat. All international flights must exit and enter through an airport with customs and immigration services.

Flights to/from Morocco

Any flight to and from Morocco must be paid and booked minimum 3 working days (72 hrs.)  before departure. Landing  is possible at airports only !
Helicopter charter
Service Type
Helicopter charter
Provider Name
World Aviation S.L Licens ES.AOC.136,
Telephone No.+47 98095000 / +34 951 325 064
Andalucia, Morocco, Portugal, Gibraltar
Convenient and affordable helicopter Taxi and charter. Sightseeing tours, Aerial work, photo film , Sling load, cargo , freight forwarding. Marbella Heliport in Puerto Banus is not approved and the helicopter are illegal to use commercially